Train to Almaty: 1st day

Šis ieraksts nav iztulkots latviski.

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2 Responses to Train to Almaty: 1st day

  1. Mārtiņš Možeiko says:

    In the first day when I woke up, train was standing in some station and there was a lot of local people going through the train and selling stuff. The goods they were selling was something like gloves, winter scarfs, woolen socks – everything you need in winter. The funny thing is that it was very hot in train at that moment – because conditioner is turned off when train doesn’t move. It was really strange to woke up in kupe with hot air when somebody has opened door of kupe and is asking you to buy some gloves or scarfs. And it repeated for few times more (somebody goes by our kupe and asks for buying same stuff).

  2. aaa says:

    stāstiet tik tālāk!

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