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Agnese Agnese Zalcmane (25). Agnese is an ambitious person. If she sets her mind on something, she will follow it through and through until a complete success. On the way, though, she is demanding not only of herself but also of her companions. Nevertheless, Agnese is also an interesting companion to talk to and a good strategist. She is the life and soul of the party, and willingly takes responsibility for organizing various events. And I have to say, she’s good at organizing. This is one of the reasons why there are all sorts of interesting and active people gathered around her all the time. Agnese is also very persistent – if something fits to her liking, it sticks for a long time. That could be the passion for stars, or dancing, or even old UAZ cars, but she is always ready for a new challenge if there are no better plans at that moment.
AndersAnders Sköld (32). Anders doesn’t talk too much and may at first seem ordinary, but he isn’t. There are some peculiar complexities about him, like actually being very quickwitted and yet display a fascinating ability to fluctuate in opinion and resolution. It’s hard to make Anders upset or angry, but a few things can make him somewhat disturbed, for example wet bamboo and misinformation (Anders like the feeling of being sure of things, and most often is…). Anders has a curious mind with a good memory for details and doesn’t worry to much, this may be reasons for his interest for backpacking.
As a traveler, Anders is calm and professional, an excellent reader of maps, handbooks etc. As a hiker, Anders is persistent and good humored. Although sometimes at a slow pace, he always manage to keep up.
As an every day life-fellow, Anders like things like watching football (with a beer), listening to all kinds of music and surfing on the internet.
Emils Emīls Veide (18). Emīls is always smiley, helpful, extremely accurate and with a high sense of responsibility. A man without complexes. Friendly, educated, confident about himself, as well as interested in all that is noteworthy. Very purposeful and active man who is not waiting for the happiness to catch him, but is an architect for it himself. Possesses great eloquence and is musical. Push himself and the people around him to reach new heights. He always has plenty of new ideas and inexhaustible imagination. Cheerful and communicative. He is enthusiastic about the astronomy and always tries to involve others in various astronomy-related activities. Always does his duties conscientiously, trying to do everything perfectly. There are many things to talk about with Emīls; he has his own opinion, so the talks are interesting. He likes gummies and curd snacks.
Emīls is studying in Riga State 1. grammar school. Dance is probably his second passion, which is following the astronomy, since Emīls is a keen salsa dancer, is dancing in show group “Salsa Carnaval”.
Everita Everita Barkāne (24). The blond magnetic looking girl is a true firework – so lively and colourful. Diversity like hers is hard to find. One day you will see her dancing salsa or enjoying opera the other day she will surprise you by saying that tennis is her new passion. Her open personality and humanity allows her to make friends easy. Once becoming a friend she is honest, loyal and helpful. As a member of Student sorority ‘’Dzintra’’ she has exercised commitment to specific goals, intelligence and originality. As a matter of fact Everita loves this world and grabs every opportunity.
KristīneKristīne Adgere (33). A person – mistery, seems to be quiet and tempered at first glance, but enthusiastic and lively, when you get to know her better. Besides astronomy and natural sciences, Kristīne is interested in traveling, adventure and a good sci-fi fantasy. She is ambitious and focused, and trying to pursue her dreams. Kristīne loves skating and rock climbing (it was like love at first sight – t.i. first exercise), and she wants to learn to play chess. Conscientious, responsible, and diligent – it can’t be more boring, but all that is needed is an exciting offer and Kristīne becomes an enthusiastic adventure seeker, ready to wade with wet feet in a swamp trip, eat breakfast at the edge of a swamp from the common boiler with the rest of mad swamp waders. As for the stars – it seems that she had to be born a few centuries later, when there will be regular transport between the planets opened. Oh, and yes, solar eclipse, it is always different and special, so it is worth to follow it through the whole world.
Mārtiņš K.Mārtiņš Kalvāns (25). In everyday life Mārtiņš is an IT professional who has surprised others with his original solutions. Individual with scientific thinking, that leads to number of important properties: equanimity, ability to make quick high-quality decisions, as well as the consistency of behavior. Mārtiņš is gallant and intelligent, and confident patriot of Latvia. Though, he is not the soul of the party – one of the quietest – the saying “the quieter you will go, the further you will get” is exactly about him.
Outside professional – IT area – Mārtiņš is interested in a wide range of things. He read books about history of different cultures, both in quantum mechanics, as well as others. In the mornings he does not allow neighbors to sleep, because of training in piano playing and some evening will attend the classes in Argentine tango or milonga dancing nights.
Mārtiņš M.Mārtiņš Možeiko (26). Nature has given Mārtiņš a sensitive soul and enviable skills in computer world. He is also a true friend. Although closed to strangers, he try to help his friends as much as he can. He will not assume the role of speaker or leader of the company, but he will perform the assigned duties conscientiously and to the best of his abilities.

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